Health & Safety

Business owners should ensure that Health and Safety is a priority. With increasing regulation and an ever growing burden on businesses, the consequences of a failure to comply with Health and Safety requirements can be severely damaging, not just financially but also to morale, reputation and brand.

Failure to meet the required standards can lead to an investigation and prosecution. There can be serious consequences for business owners, its employees and officers and the organisation itself, particularly if a failure results in injury to a customer, an employee or a member of the public. When health and safety problems arise, early intervention is essential. Involving experienced health and safety lawyers from the outset will assist a business to assess the risks it faces and to develop and implement a plan to manage that risk to give the best opportunity of a favourable outcome. Depending on the circumstances, this could prevent an investigation from turning into a prosecution and might make the difference between the business continuing or failing. 

We aim to provide pragmatic, robust, and meticulous advice and assistance to help you manage the problem and minimise disruption to your business and yourself. We are experienced in dealing with a wide range of health and safety issues across a number of commercial sectors, both within the UK and European Union. We aim to provide our clients with business specific and cost effective advice whilst taking such steps as may be necessary to ensure our clients fully understand their obligations and communicate with the enforcement authority as appropriate. Our understanding of the processes and procedures involved with the enforcement of health and safety law enables us to work quickly and effectively.

Our team of specialist lawyers also have in-depth knowledge and experience of judicial review proceedings to challenge the lawfulness of a decision or action made by a public body and we can help in dealing with prohibition enforcement and improvement notices. Services include:

  • Development and implementation of health & safety plans for your business
  • Review of your health and safety policies & procedures
  • Advice following an incident and assisting you to develop a management plan
  • Representing you during an investigation or prosecution by the Health and Safety Executive (“HSE”) or other regulatory authority.