Diversity & Inclusion Statement

At Leathes Prior, we are committed to encouraging diversity and providing equal opportunities for every single one of our current and future employees.

Our ability to form longstanding relationships with our clients begins with ensuring we recruit talented individuals. Whilst we recruit on the basis of merit and ability, our culture is founded on individuality and we are very proud of that.

In order for our employees to realise their full potential, it is essential we ensure they feel comfortable with being who they are, providing a safe working environment in which everyone is treated fairly and with respect, irrespective of differences such as gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

As we continue to grow, maintaining an inclusive outlook and recognising the importance of diversity within our firm remains a priority at Leathes Prior and is imperative to our future success.

Every two years the Solicitors Regulation Authority asks every law firm in England and Wales to conduct a demographic survey. The attached document summarises the data from our teams collected in July 2023 with a response rate of 85%. As a result, the figures reflect the demographics of some but not all LP staff.