Family Services

Our Family Law Team can provide advice and support whatever your family situation. We understand that family issues are often sensitive and pride ourselves, not only on our knowledge and expertise, but also our sympathetic and practical approach coupled with our excellent level of client service.

Our family law Solicitors provide tailored advice to suit you and your family’s needs, whilst following the Resolution Code of Practice, so as to deal with matters in a constructive way, designed to preserve dignity and encourage agreement. We can advise you on a full range of family law services detailed below and can provide a free initial consultation, with no obligation, to clearly guide you through your options so that you can make informed decisions about what is best for you and your family.

  • Divorce / Civil Partnership dissolution

We understand that going through a relationship breakdown is often a difficult time and we are able to provide clear, professional advice on the legal process involved. Our Divorce Solicitors can offer a fixed fee of £550 plus VAT plus the relevant Court fee if you are the Petitioner (the one filing for divorce/dissolution) or £300 plus VAT if you are the Respondent, in appropriate circumstances. 

  • Financial settlement

Getting divorced does not automatically deal with the financial split between spouses/civil partners, a financial settlement must be dealt with separately. We can assist you in reaching an agreement with your spouse/civil partner or if you have already reached an agreement we can assist you in formalising the arrangement to make it legally binding.

  • Children

We understand that children will always be the most important consideration for parents if the relationship should unfortunately break down. If you and your ex-partner are unable to agree arrangements for your children (formally known as ‘residence’ and ‘contact’) then we can assist by offering you helpful, constructive advice. We can help you address matters relating to whether or when a child should see each parent, where a child should live, issues relating to Parental Responsibility and more specific issues such as education, change of name or holidays, and financial support for children.

  • Unmarried couples (‘common law spouses’)

The notion of ‘common law spouses’ is in fact a myth.  The law which relates to unmarried couples is very different to that which applies to married couples. Cohabiting for any length of time does not automatically give you any financial rights in the event of your relationship breaking down and the law relating to unmarried couples can be very complex, particularly in relation to property. If you are thinking of moving in with your partner or have already done so you may wish to consider speaking to us to ensure you have protected yourself in the event that the relationship unfortunately breaks down. On the other hand, if you have been living with your partner and your relationship has unfortunately broken down then we will be able to give you advice in relation to the financial implications.

  • Prenuptial, postnuptial and cohabitation agreements

We are able to discuss your circumstances with you and help you identify whether an agreement would be suitable.  If so, we can draft an agreement completely tailored to suit your needs or advise you as to the contents and legal implications if your partner’s solicitor has drafted the agreement. For more information on prenuptial agreements, click here

Our Family Team specialises in a variety of areas, includes the following:

  • Change of name
  • Domestic abuse/Injunctions